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Seattle Information

The area has a population of over 632,000 but is part of a major regional population center with around 3.5 million people living there. This seaport city is one of the fastest growing areas in America. According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area is home to more than 97,000 businesses and you can find them here in the Seattle Yellow Pages. Our free online tool helps get contact details and offers a free reverse look-up directory assistance tool.

Facts of interest

There are many interesting unique features in the city. The city bird is the Great Blue Heron, The city flower is the Dahlia and the city’s motto is “The City of Flowers”. It was named after an Indian leader named Sealth. Being surrounded by two mountain ranges, the Olympics and the Cascades, gives it a mild climate. It receives an average rainfall of 37 inches. Summer temperatures average around 75.

Timber industry

There are abundant lumber resources and you can find the information for these various support companies working in the timber industry here. While timber has played a major role in the past and continues to be an economic driver, the growth of the tech industry and online world has become a center point in the growth.

Commercial fishing

As a commercial fishing center this seaport town provides many opportunities in the fishing industry. Whether you’re looking for information on fresh seafood or looking for charter numbers, this directory will provide you with resources.

Tourist industry

There are many recreational opportunities such as museums, parks, sports, and theaters. Some interesting places to visit might include the: Space Needle, Seattle Center, Ballard Locks, Discovery Park and the Seattle Public Library. You could also watch whales in Puget Sound or take a hike in the surrounding mountains. Downtown and the port and dock area give you additional fun opportunities to explore. If you’re looking for the phone numbers for the fine restaurants or other recreational venues like Pikes Market you’ve come to the right location.

Education and Universities

The University of Washington Seattle campus has over 38,000 full-time students. There are also other universities and colleges with significant enrollments including Seattle University, Seattle Community College central campus, Seattle Pacific University, and technical schools including the Pima Medical Institution, Cornish College of the Arts, and the ITT Technical Institute – Seattle. You’ll get contact details for these schools by searching in the box above.

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Additional Directories Surrounding Seattle, WA

Nearby directories include Yakima, Sunnyside, Yakima Valley, Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Richland, and Mesa. Larger regions include Sea-Tac, Puget Sound, Western Washington, and Washington.

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